Portmeirion Wedding Photographer [Tamsin + James’ big day]


July brought the big day of Tamsin and James, who got hitched at the Hercules Hall in Portmeirion, with the reception following at Castell Deudraeth. The rain was absolutely relentless, with it only stopping for an hour or so during the reception, but that didn’t stop both families having the best time. I really had to be strict with how many photos were included in this post, as it was so hard to choose out of them all! James + Tamsin were an absolute pleasure to shoot for and they kept in great spirits despite the weather.

Kind words:

My wife and I spent some considerable time researching wedding photographers and decided to go with Lowri on the basis that she appeared to excel with more natural shots, which was our preference over the more traditional posed photographs.  We had a wonderful day out with her for our engagement shoot and discussed requirements for the wedding day. Upon receiving the photos of the engagement shoot, we were delighted. The quality and variety was exceptional and they wholly justified our decision to choose Lowri.

On the big day, Lowri was completely flexible and accommodating: spending all morning, day and evening working around ourselves and guests. 

What I particularly liked was that Lowri could ably and efficiently corral large numbers of guests for the group photographs – which were perfect; but for the rest of the time she was sneaking around, efficiently capturing countless moments, barely noticeable to ourselves and the guests. This was in contrast with photographers at other weddings I’ve attended who’ve sometimes appeared to want to be the star of the show themselves. 

In fact, until she left in the evening, we’d barely noticed her presence; such was her skill in covertly amassing shots from the shadows, which resulted with us being provided with a record of so many wonderful moments and interactions that we’d not been party to at the time. These natural shots allow us to completely immerse ourselves in the day whenever we look at them again. 

We would highly recommend Lowri as a wedding photographer and are very grateful for the beautiful photographs she has provided us with. We couldn’t have wished for better. 

Lowri’s talent as a photographer is obvious to anyone who looks at her work. However, what really sets her apart is her personality and her approach to creating a natural and authentic collection of memories that will instantly re-immerse you in the moment as soon as you open the album. 

Thank you again, Lowri.



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