Relaxed Llyn Gwynant Barns wedding photography [Ben + Nicole]


July brought the super summery, bunting filled wedding of Ben and Nicole. The sun shone from morning through to the evening party at the beautiful Llyn Gwynant barns in Snowdonia. The great sunshine, amazing bunch of guests, and a lovely couple meant that the atmosphere was super relaxed all day long. Below are some kind words from Nicole 🙂 all the best to you both! x

Kind words:

“From the moment we contacted Lowri to discuss wedding photography she put everything into making our day special. Our engagement shoot was magical and left us feeling so confident for the big day. When our wedding finally arrived Lowri arrived super early to make sure she got all the preparation images we wanted and made my family and I feel super comfortable. Throughout the day she was very friendly and approachable whilst perfectly blending into the background. Many of my guests commented on how lovely she was and when looking through the final images with family the phrase “I didn’t even know she was there!” was said more than a few times. The final images are perfect and brought a tear to our eyes, she really captured our day beautifully and I will be forever grateful for the fantastic work she’s done.”

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